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's just a big concern about the regulatory climate so people are caucus about the way they make their business and growing and spending money and making it difficult for people to get through the economic downturn. >> does it feel different than a couple of years ago? >> it is. our members are saying it's worse, that the political climate is so much worse these days that people are putting politics over policy and making good decisions so there's a big concern about that instability and how it affects the economy longer term and how it trickles down to a small business owner who is just trying to sort his family and grow his business. >> you wrote an interesting article in "the new york post." if things go well, that's one scenario, if things don't go well, what should we think about. >> sort of in spite of what's happening in the economy, some of the things i recommend running a simmer promotion. i'll give you 25% off a certain amount of business if in exchange you pay in full by 31st. so i think compromise is fine when you're making deals with clients. i don't recommend conces
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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